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Moving Solano Forward III final report

Solano County Comprehensive Economic Development Study

2023 Solano County Index of Economic and Community Progress

2022 Solano County Index of Economic and Community Progress

2021 Solano County Index of Economic and Community Progress

2020 Solano County Index of Economic and Community Progress

Previous Economic Studies

The Solano County Index of Economic and Community Progress is a project launched in 2007 after a series of economic summits identified a need for more fact-based information to guide efforts by the public and private sectors' leadership to expand the long-term viability of the Solano County economy. Through its partnership with the Solano Economic Development Corporation, the County took the lead in developing, gathering and presenting this useful data that is designed to aid local economic development decisions.

This Index shows how successful the community as a whole has moved forward the Solano County economy over the last decade. It also brings to light areas where additional collaborative efforts are needed to sustain a thriving economy that ensures a shared economic prosperity.  Below you will find the different indicators that are being tracked as part of the Index project.  The indicators describe "Our Changing Economy" and "Our Changing Community."  These individual indicators will be updated throughout the year as more current information becomes available.

The first Index identified industry clusters in Solano County that are out performing the Bay Area and the state.  In-depth studies have been accomplished on three of these clusters to understand the underlying principles of why those industry clusters are moving the local economy.  These include the Life Science Cluster, Energy Cluster and Food Chain Cluster.

With this knowledge, the Solano community can understand the synergy that makes the clusters successful, and how to sustain a business climate that allows the cluster to continue thriving and growing. These documents are the basis for some serious conversations about the future of Solano County. The challenge for every member of the community is to take the action necessary to build upon our strengths and to address our challenges – to move Solano County toward a positive vision of the future.