Rio Vista

The City of Rio Vista is a community positioned for growth. Known as the Gateway to the Delta, Rio Vista offers scenic beauty, historic neighborhoods, recreational, and planned residential amenities. Rio Vista is within an easy drive to the Napa Wine Country, Coastal Beaches, San Francisco, Sierra ski resorts and Lake Tahoe.

Rio Vista is located near three major transportation corridors: Highway 12, a designated federal freight corridor, traverses the city and the Sacramento River, a deep water ship channel, border along the easterly boundaries of the city. Rail freight (Dixon), shipping (Ports of West Sacramento and Stockton), and major freeways (Interstate 5, 680 and 80) are within 25 to 35 miles of the city offering flexible mode choices for freight movement. The Sacramento River bordering the city is used for shipping and is connected to the Port of West Sacramento. The city is centrally located between the major commercial centers of Sacramento and San Francisco, accessible within one-half hour to an hour.

Rio Vista is considered one of the most affordable places in the San Francisco Bay Area to buy or build new homes, with a market value of $150,000 to $400,000 for two-to four-bedroom houses. Employers are conscious of the need for affordable housing for their new recruits, thus meeting the skill levels needed to run a successful industry or business. The calm and serene ambience and good schools will be an added attraction to new employees moving into the city.

Quick Facts

  • City Population (2021): 10,080
  • Median Household Income (2019): $69,604

Educational Attainment (2019)

  • HS diploma: 20.7%
  • Some College or Associate: 39.2%
  • Bachelor's: 18.7%
  • Graduate or Professional: 14.9%
  • Median Housing Prices (2021): $444,496
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Known For

  • Annual Bass Festival in October
  • Foster’s Big Horn Big Game Collection
  • Boating and Water Sports
  • Bridge to Beach Walking Trail


Pam Caronongan
City Clerk
City of Rio Vista
(707) 374-6451 x1102

Business Opportunities

Rio Vista Business Park – The city owns a Business Park site consisting of approximately 100 acres with access to utilities including fiber optics. Businesses in place are Gomes Excavation, Paul Graham Drilling, Horizon Drilling, A.R. Ready Mix, Dutra Drilling, Insight Designs, California Vegetable Specialties and the city’s Police Department.

Rio Vista Industrial Park – The city owns an Industrial Park site within sight of the Rio Vista Airport and readily accessible to the Sacramento River. This site is approximately fifty (50) acres and lies along Airport Road.

Planned Developments – Trilogy subdivision consisting of approximately 3,000 senior homes is nearing completion. The Liberty Subdivision consisting of approximately 855 homes and the Riverwalk Subdivision consisting of 800 homes will start construction soon.

Selected Businesses

Company Product/Service
Abel Chevrolet  Car Dealership
Rio Vista Auto Group Car Dealership
California Vegetable Specialties Endive Production
River Delta Unified School District Education
City of Rio Vista Municipality
Lindsay Transportation Highway Barrier System
Lira’s Supermarket Grocery Store
Army Base

Army Base

Crane Planter River

Crane Planter River

RV Bridge

Rio Vista Bridge

Main & 2nd with Mural

Main & 2nd with Mural 

Ship at RV Bridge

Ship at Rio Vista Bridge

Sundown Bridge Safflowers

Sundown Bridge Safflowers